Endorsed by the Amador County Sheriff’s Office of Emergency Services

Fiddletown Neighborhood Radio Watch is a growing  group of neighbors throughout our Sierra Foothill community who alert each other about impending fires  and other emergencies.

What is a Neighborhood
 Radio Watch Group?

  • People like you, trained to communicate official and eyewitness emergency information.
  • Radio owners instantly hear shared information upon which to make evacuation
    and other decisions.
  • We use inexpensive GMRS
    radios, similar to walkie-
    talkies, but with the power to travel many miles over mountainous terrain.
  • GMRS radios work when Cell
    Phones go down.

We’re in the news!

Channel 13 (CBS)  captured the FNRW group in action at Amador County’s SmokeChasers event this May.

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Neighborhood Radio Watch Programs ARE NOT a replacement for Emergency Services such as Police, Fire, the Sheriff’s Office or 911.

If you see a fire or incident, call 911 first, then alert others using your radio.

Why We Matter: FNRW in action

The FNRW launched in August 2021, distributing 45 GMRS radios to local members three days before the Caldor Fire broke out. Our group was aware of the fire just minutes after it broke out on Saturday August 14, 2021.

Due to radio communications, many in the group evacuated their homes well ahead of orders to go, greatly assisting evacuation efforts.

Another incident occurred when a power line caused a fire and the property owner called 9-1-1, then he used a water tender on his property to put the fire out on his own.

A member of our radio group was monitoring his radio scanner and heard the call from Cal Fire that they were responding. That member put this message out on his GMRS radio for others to be aware of the incident. Within minutes another radio member who lives close to the fire heard that call and grabbed his radio and gave us a report that the fire had been extinguished and all was well. This all happened before the fire department arrived on the scene.

Other Communication Tools

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