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Your Membership at Work

We are excited to continue to improve the Fiddletown Community Center Hall and provide services, but we need your donations! Questions? Reach out!

Thank YOU to everyone who sent in a membership and donation. WE APPRECIATE YOU!


The Fiddletown Community Center, and its Fire Safe Fiddletown partners, are 100% volunteer run with all proceeds going to community projects and maintaining the historic Hall.

To keep the doors open–taxes, insurance, utilities and standard maintenance–requires an average of $1,000 per month or $12,000 per year. Any additional improvements or major repairs are an additional amount.

Starting in 2021 through 2024 the FCC board continues to support the community by partnering with the Fiddletown Neighborhood Radio Watch and providing a space for the Concert Series, First Five, Library, Town Halls, special events, and private parties. Improvements and repairs to the Hall continue, including interior painting, both bathrooms renovated, stage renovated, repaired and painted the roof, and insulated the ceiling.

For 2024 we are repairing and painting the outside of the building, installing the required stove vent system, and improving usability of the Library facility.

Stop by whenever you see the doors open, or join us at one of the many upcoming events, to see the improvements to the Historic Hall.