Your Community Center – Moving Forward

Fiddletown’s rich musical history is infused in the historic Hall and annual Jam celebration. 

The Fiddletown Community Center is currently working with community partners to come up with a viable plan to renew the Hall to make it available for years to come. Some of the accomplishments in 2021 were due to generous neighbors, helping cover costs and sharing their skills and enthusiasm to make it a reality. Thank you to everyone who has donated to the FCC. You make a REAL difference!

For 2021, we plan to continue our mission to make enhancements to the Hall that last decades, providing  residents (and fans of Fiddletown) with a facility to use for celebrations, meetings, and gatherings of all types. 

2021 – 2022 Accomplishments

  • A new fiddle that should last for decades!
  • Fire Station bathroom installed enabling the fire station to be manned
  • New roof over stage and bathrooms
  • Stage wall fixed, ceiling replaced, and painted (it didn’t have rafters!)
  • New curtains throughout Hall (old ones were falling apart)
  • Mic and speakers provided for meetings and events
  • Food Pantry served over 1,000 meals
  • Revamped website and electronic newsletter, partnering with the FPS
  • Fire Safe Fair 
  • Town Halls with Sheriff, first responders; emergency communication
  • Emergency Preparedness information including evacuation maps, checklists, and emergency contact information
  • Outdoor bulletin board repaired
  • Revitalized the Jam and music contest

 2023 Projects and Goals

  • The roof has leaked for many years, causing unnecessary damage and repairs. The Board is collecting bids to fix the roof using an affordable 30-year warranted coating/sealant.
  • In order to make the Hall usable during summer months, we are looking at rejuvenating the swamp cooling system (and establish ongoing maintenance program).
  • And now that the Board has done multiple deep cleanings, it is time to paint and update bathrooms, and paint the West interior wall. 
  • To make the kitchen usable for large groups, it needs a vent installed…and a working oven.
  • And never last or least, continue Fire Safe Fiddletown efforts; possibly expanding services to keep the community informed.