Renew Your Membership

We are excited to continue to improve the Fiddletown Community Center Hall and provide services, but we need your donations! Questions? Reach out!

Thank YOU to everyone who sent in a membership and donation. WE APPRECIATE YOU!


The Fiddletown Community Center, and its Fire Safe Fiddletown partners, are 100% volunteer run with all proceeds going to community projects and maintaining the historic Hall.

Throughout 2021 we worked to bring you a safer, more resilient community and an improved facility for your events. See just a few of the successes below. 

For 2022 we are currently working on plans to:

  • Finally fixing the roof of the historic Hall using a 30-year warranted sealant that is both waterproof and insulates for a 10 – 15 degree improvement both hot/cold. 
  • Expanding our Town Hall program, including emergency notification, fire preparations, and more. Revamping the bathrooms.
  • Putting an exhaust fan in the kitchen to improve ventilation. 
  • Continuing to revitalize the stage and Hall facilities through deep cleaning, painting, and ongoing maintenance.
  • Continuing the Food Pantry program.